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Meditative Dance


Integral Move Festival

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INTEGRAL MOVE International Performing Arts and Dance Festival, organized in 2010 European Capital of Culture, Istanbul in scope of 2010 European-Off Meeting, is ready to welcome Theater, Dance and Experimental Art groups from Europe, Turkey and neighboring countries.

Bringing European independent arts platform to Istanbul, the Festival, with the theme of “Empathy” will enable prominent performing art groups from 10 different countries to meet with a new and large audience in Istanbul for the first time. A leading carnival group from USA will further enliven the event with their open space performance on Istiklal Street.


Meditative Dance Training - Certificate Program

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East and West Synthesis Body-Mind Development Program

altMeditative Dance is an East-West synthesis development program.  Synthesized techniques include yoga, classical ballet, movement meditation and contemporary body training and dance techniques.

These combined techniques aim to provide coordination and concentration in a simultaneous and synchronized manner.

Perfect posture, flexible body, movement skills and regeneration are among the primary targets of Meditative Dance.


Without Borders -2nd International Art Forum in Bulgaria

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The International Art Forum “Without borders” will happen for a second time between 18th  and 20th  of September in “The Palace” - Balchik, Bulgaria, with the support of “Industrial Association” – Varna and with the partnership of art network “Scenderman”, “The Palace”  and Transtriumph Holding AD.

Within the first forum happened international art management conference and workshop, where participated 33 professionals from 9 countries and 3 continents. Theme of this meeting was “Music without borders”. The idea of the first forum was developing of international culture network, future art festival and developing north-east Bulgaria as a future center of the European, Balkan and Bulgarian art and culture.