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Meditative Dance

Quote Research Group

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“It is not surprising to see that the modern self, who feels like a stranger in his own world and fails to base its existence on neither the past ~ that has ceased to exist, nor the future ~ that is yet to come, holds onto the symbol of World Tree, which has its roots down to this Earth and extends up to the pole of Skies, and which is also the human himself. In the history of symbols, this tree is described as a way of growth and life directed towards the infinite and the invariable; it has stemmed from the union of opposites and the reason of this unification is, in fact, his eternal existence”


The project “Meditative Dance” has been introduced by Quote Research Group, a non-profit organization founded in year 2000. The Group conducts interdisciplinary research on many interrelated fields; with special focus on Eastern and Western body disciplines and their roots, psychology and analytical psychology, philosophy, sociology, modern interpretations of quantum physics, and contemporary artistic approaches. The Group’s translation work and research articles on these subjects have been published on the internet. The Group also give seminars and workshops on body-mind coordination and body-mind awareness for artists, artist organizations, private companies and people coming from many occupations and backgrounds.