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Meditative Dance

Artistic Approach

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Meditative dance is of body awareness. In performing arts, the importance of meditative thinking increase, as the need for expression, fluidity, balance and coordination increase further. Many theatre artists and stage performers have participated in the lessons and workshops. Especially those with special focus on movement theatre and physical theatre and dance, have noted that the study was quite beneficial, developmental and inspiring. By breaking the prejudices and liberating the mind, this study improves performing skills, power of expression, fluidity and body-mind coordination, and furnishes artists with unique skills, and an awareness that will guide them throughout their life time.

altThe technique can also solve the problems related to the back, spine and knees that result from accidents, wrong posture and lack of correct movement habits. Posture is believed to be a key and indicator of mental and physical health. Through this training, one learns to be both flexible and active without the need for making a selection. Balance is found not only in stationary positions but also in action.

With this method, which brings together the Eastern and Western techniques on body training, a strong structure and balance is offered for new starters. For dancers and artists, there are exercise sets that are specially designed to develop strength and flexibility through inner muscle exercises and Helen technique; offering both a flexible and strong physical appearance.

At advanced level, active combinations focus on the relationship with the air and ground, and movement at all levels. Synthesized techniques are used to improve body-mind coordination fluidity and expression. Modern dance techniques such as Release, Contact and Limon are also used in this synthesis.

The breathing and concentration knowledge gained through meditative training acts as a source of self healing, and provides concentration/focus and emotion/movement variety and agility for dancers at all levels.

The Basic/Beginner level provides a healthy body structure and balance until the person attains a certain level of body condition and form. Ballet, Power, Helen, Pilates and Yoga techniques are combined in structure, power and posture building exercises.

Students, who gained a certain level of body condition and form, move to Advanced level groups to start more diverse movement combinations, techniques such as Risk and Flying, acrobatic works as well as movement and choreography training.


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