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Meditative Dance

Benefits of Meditative Dance

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Discovering our body and learning to use it consciously will not only give us a unique power and perception talent, but also will it foster conscious, right and healthy activity in our daily life with coordinating our body and mind.

Our each movement is a rhythm. Matching up with the natural rhythms of our movements will create a great harmony within us, which is also visible from outside.

When we feel the flow of our movements coming from inside, we will feel everything we touch and this will give us happiness. In everything we do in our daily life; while walking, sitting, working, we will perceive the world in a different way and will love it much more.

Straightening the posture is the primary aim of Meditative Dance. This is a long-term goal. With NEPHES technique, you will have plenty of each muscle you use, which will entirely eliminate the risk of becoming crippled due to putting more than necessary burden on some of your muscles. By using the fluidity of body, Meditative Dance will release you from your restricted attitude towards your body and bestow you the ability to express your potential power in a broad-range of activities. This will furnish you with brand-new powers that you can use till the end of your life.

Meditative Dance presents the keys to discovering ancient magical talents of humans such as intuitive mind and natural living, which were gained in the past yet ignored in daily life, at the bottom of our brain, in places that we can easily reach. Beginning from twenties, the lack of these hinders one’s ability of progress and continuous renovation. The body complains through aches and wrong habits that become permanent. The body, which cannot foresee its continuation, imprisons itself to stereotyped activities; and this makes us lose some of our muscles and motions together with some of our feelings.

Stretching our spinal cord and restoring its balance will assist you in expressing your individual elasticity and creativity. It stops the deformation of the spinal cord’s accordion-like structure, and will furnish it with its ancient and new talents. Your conscious movements will give a new direction both to your spirit and to all your feelings that were shaped in the past and sustained, and fill you up with an everlasting confidence.

What does Meditative Dance offer?

-body knowledge


-straight posture



-body-mind coordination


-power and performance

-concentration ability




What will we learn?


· The ability to reduce physical, emotional and neural tension


· Relaxation through motion

·  Mental focusing and developing body concentration

· Listening to our body

·  Making our breath a conscious and complementary piece of all our movements

·  Relaxing our mind and strengthening our senses

· Stretching our body with new techniques

·  Expressing the balance and harmony we developed with other people and the nature, in new relations we will establish and in the creative combinations we form.


"movement stemming from deep thought, focused breath and an encouraging, entertaining atmosphere"

"Movement has a great healing power; it takes away all hidden negative energies and feelings. This aligns and balances all our self-components, such as Body, Mind and Spirit, and unites the entire self in center."




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