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Meditative Dance

Meditative Dance

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~ eternal age of wisdom ~

Meditative dance is the synthesis of Eastern and Western techniques on body training and body–mind balancing. Meditative dance technique brings various ancient and contemporary body disciplines and dance techniques together to offer the body flexibility, a perfect posture as well as coordination and concentration. The technique combines air (breath), ground (earth), water (fluidity) and people (contact).

In Meditative dance, an integrated approach is used to develop the left and right hemispheres of our brain together. Feeding our intuitive mind with Eastern disciplines of Yoga and Meditation, which have its deepest bonds with the Nature, we use Western disciplines of Classical Ballet and Modern Dance to develop our chained intelligence as well as combination & coordination skills.

The feeling of being spread through time and space, and the experience of the body’s fluidity helps to change the conventional structures of movement, posture and form. Breath and meditation exercises have their roots from the East, whereas posture and muscle exercises take their roots from Western techniques such as Ballet and Contemporary dance techniques. In this manner, Meditative dance acts as an interdisciplinary approach to body, movement and dance. It feeds our self-controlling abilities; integrates our body and mind; increases our consciousness and creativity.


Meditative Dance originated in year 2000. Following two years of preliminary research, a body-mind development project was formed, taking its roots from East-West synthesis. The synthesis introduced by Meditative Dance is inspired by the artistic background of trainer and choreographer Sinan Temizalp. Sinan Temizalp started his professional gymnastics career at the age of 7. After receiving Classical Ballet education at State Conservatory, he headed towards contemporary dance techniques. His interest in Eastern techniques led him to a deep research in this field, extending from sufi mystics to shamans.

Thanks to his expertise in breathing techniques and his flexible body, Temizalp, together with his research team Quote, developed a training technique called Meditative Dance, with the aim of building a body with excellent movement abilities, which is flexible, healthy and strong at the same time. The techniques combine air (breath), ground (earth), water (fluidity) and people (contact).

“Meditative dance”, offers artistic development and artistic skills for people from different occupations, ages and backgrounds. Reflecting on the necessity of natural movement and artistic satisfaction for people from all ages and occupations in today’s world, Meditative Dance technique is designed to benefit people from all backgrounds. Hundreds of people attend to these lessons, workshops and seminars held in Istanbul, Turkey and in various countries of Europe, for health, artistic creativity, relaxation, development of balance, posture as well as capabilities of expression.


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