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Meditative Dance

Integral Move Festival

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INTEGRAL MOVE International Performing Arts and Dance Festival, organized in 2010 European Capital of Culture, Istanbul in scope of 2010 European-Off Meeting, is ready to welcome Theater, Dance and Experimental Art groups from Europe, Turkey and neighboring countries.

Bringing European independent arts platform to Istanbul, the Festival, with the theme of “Empathy” will enable prominent performing art groups from 10 different countries to meet with a new and large audience in Istanbul for the first time. A leading carnival group from USA will further enliven the event with their open space performance on Istiklal Street.



6 May 2010


Muhsin Ertuğrul Stage

20.00    Editta Braun Company (Austria-Egypt joint production)        

‘Coppercity 1001’

21.15    Zigurrat Dans, Turkey

‘Theory of Fall’

21.45   Chili 320 (Circus), Italy



7 May 2010

Tarık Zafer Tunaya Cultural Center

20:00   Netzwerk AKS, Austria

‘Unmerklich Drängen Fingerspitzen’

21.00   Dans Atmasyon, Turkey


8 May 2010              
Muammer Karaca Theater, Istiklal Street, Tiyatro Maan

Istiklal Street

14.00    Artenauti Project, Italy (on Moving Stage)

‘El Jardin’


Muammer Karaca Theater

16.00   Carousel Theater, Austria

‘A Universal Love’

17.00   RemDANS Project Group, Turkey


18.00   Festival Reception

Istiklal Street

19.00   CARNIVAL, Precision Art Workshop- USA

‘Karagöz Variations’


Tiyatro MAAN

20.00     Arts University Bournemouth, UK

‘Canis Lupus’

20.30    Teatro Inverso, Italy



9 May 2010
Tiyatro Maan

14.00   Lisa Hinterreithner, Austria

‘Wieder 1’

16.00   Dance Films

‘U3 Company of Heaven’ by Cyancal

17.00   Bara Kolenc, Slovenia

‘Performance Atelier Presentation’

18.00   Teatr APART, Poland

‘Hour Glass’

13 May 2010             

Tiyatro Maan

20.00    Pro Rodopi Arts Center, Bulgaria





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