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Meditative Dance

Simya Sanat participates in Santa Barbara ADAPT Festival

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As a part of international cooperation studies carried out in the field of culture and arts, Simya Sanat has been invited to USA in order to participate in ADAPT International Theater and Dance Festival, organized by U.S. based performing arts producer Sonne Blauma Company in Santa Barbara during June 12-19, 2011, and deliver a speech at the International Conference to be held in scope of the festival.

Acting as a jury member of the Festival, Simya Sanat will deliver a speech on “Performing Arts in Turkey and Networking throughout Europe: Infrastructure for Partnerships and Joint Projects between Turkey, EU and USA”.

During the event, Simya Sanat will also make presentations and provide workshops on Meditative Dance, an integral technique in performing arts and self development, taking its roots from East-West synthesis.

More than 40 companies and artists from 5 countries will participate in the events organized in scope of ADAPT Festival and Conference Progran. In scope of the event, Turkish artist and choreographer Sinan Temizalp will exhibit two demonstrations, at Center Stage Theater, Santa Barbara on June 18, and Electric Lodge, Los Angeles on June 25. Simya Sanat will participate in the Festival and Conference Program with the contributions of Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Festival Video:

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